Six Days Full of Energy

Members of Polarity‘s sister companies, EightPoint and Spigot Inc, have travelled from Cayman Islands and Florida to Cyprus. During their stay we’ve visited many different parts of Cyprus and made sure that our guests would get the chance to experience the Cypriot culture at its fullest, since this was their first time here.

Below are the restaurants and bars we went, most of which deserve a 5 star rating!

Day 1: Elma & Fred, Zonkey

Day 2: ”To Elliniko’‘, Columbia Beach, Yacht Resto Bar

Day 3: Zanettos, WSTD

Day 4: Atelier

Day 5: Cliff Bar, Sawa

Day 6: Lush, Pantopoleio Kali Oreksi, Lost & Found

As you can see Polarity’s last few days have been pretty intense and FUN!

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