Polarity Technologies Ltd Had an Amazing Time in China

Polarity Technologies Ltd had a fantastic time in Beijing. Last week, members of our team have visited the headquarters of our mother company, Genimous, in northern China.

Although the flight was long, the trip was definitely worth it. Genimous‘ people were very hospitable and warm, and made sure that we would get the chance to experience the Chinese culture at its  fullest.  Our stay at The Westin Beijing Financial Street hotel, was really pleasant and the view from our room’s window was absolutely stunning. The hotel was located just a few minutes drive away from Genimous‘ offices, and not very far from the very well-known Forbidden City, the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.

After the meetings that were held at Genimous’ premises, we’ve enjoyed the original Chinese cuisine at some of the best restaurants and Hot Pot places in Beijing.

We also got the chance to experience Beijing’s nightlife as we have visited one of the most famous bar-restaurants of the area, where we ‘ve enjoyed delicious food, drinks and live Chinese music by Shichahai lake.

This was the first time in China for some of us, and we will definitely be back.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love travelling and mingling with people from different ethnic backgrounds. If you enjoy travelling the world and experiencing foreign cultures then you better stay tuned. Maybe your dream job is not that far away.

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