PolariTeam Stays Connected No Matter What

PolariTeam has been working from home in ”self isolation” since Monday. The group has decided to have Polarity Technologies Ltd’s team working from home, including our colleagues from Spigot Inc. & Eightpoint, as part of an effort to keep us, our families and the community safe.

Yes, we do chat throughout the day using Slack. However, we miss a more meaningful interaction. Today one of us had the amazing idea to arrange a Virtual Coffee Break; A casual video call to see and talk to each other about topics related and unrelated to work.

Thirty minutes were enough to bring us closer. We have decided that we will set a virtual coffee break every week, to see and listen to each other.

Keeping the teams connected during these times is very important and  Zoom helps a lot.

Keep your spirits bright and everything will pass.

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