Our Corporate Group’s New Year Party – An Unbelievable Experience

Polarity Technologies’ board of directors and senior management had an unforgettable night in Beijing last week.

As you might have already read in a previous post of our blog, Polarity Technologies got invited to its mother company’s (Genimous Investment) New Year Party, in China.

On Saturday afternoon a driver picked them up from The Westin Beijing Financial District, where they were staying, and drove them to the party venue.

As soon as they arrived, a pleasant surprise was waiting for them. A full crew was there to help them get ready for a truly memorable photoshoot.

Specifically, they helped them put on traditional Chinese costumes and accessories, and a Chinese makeup artist did their makeup!!

The end result was phenomenal; something that none of them has experienced before. The professional photographer, took some unique photos of them, using different kind of backdrops.

At the end of the photoshoot, the guests were escorted to the room where the event would take place. The set-up was impressive and every single detail was taken care of. The event started with traditional music and dances from China and other parts of the world. Right before the dinner, the directors and senior management of Genimous Investment’s subsidiaries, including Polarity’s, were awarded for their excellent contribution.

The night was very well organised and everyone had an amazing time.

The evening ended with traditional Chinese dinner and drinks.

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