Here is What Happened in Bucharest – DAY 1

Last Friday the team and directors of Polarity Technologies flew to Bucharest to celebrate the end of year.

We departed from Larnaca Airport at 12:30 and arrived in Bucharest early in the afternoon. The traffic in the streets was crazy. We arrived to our hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, around 17:30. The hotel was located at the heart of the old city. It was modern, bright and super-clean. We checked in and went to our rooms to get some rest until the dinner time.

A couple of hours later we all met at the hotel lobby, where our driver picked us up and took us to Mesogios, a Mediterranean, fish restaurant where the dinner would take place. Outside it was freezing cold, but as soon as we entered the restaurant, we got warm.  The atmosphere was very cosy and pleasant. After a rich dinner, consisted of fresh prawns, octopus, and other delicious fish dishes, it was time to party!

We left Mesogios near midnight; As soon as we exit the restaurant it started snowing. We got super excited, as snow is not very common in our home city. We went crazy (the wine we had earlier helped a bit); dancing in the snow and taking photos.

The night wasn’t over. Bucharest is popular for its vivid nightlife, as I bet you already know. After arriving at the Beat Of Angels, we got convinced that Bucharest’s ”party city” reputation was well earned; The lights, the amazing decor, the gorgeous dancers, the great drinks and music made our evening, a night to remember.

Working with Polarity is an exciting journey full of positive energy and pleasant surprises. Our culture is far from common. Cool Parties, Fun Games, Outings to the Best Restaurants and Bars, Travelling, Accommodation to Luxury Hotels are only some of the benefits that keep us excited, motivated and engaged.

Our moto is ”Work Hard, Play Hard”. This mentality generates creativity, innovation, and creates an environment where young professionals can thrive.

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