Google Offers 100.000 Scholarships

Polarity Technologies Ltd was excited to find out that Google has decided to give away 100.000 need-based career certification scholarships, to support people who lost their jobs amid COVID-19.

According to Google’s Senior Vice President of Global Affairs, Kent Walker, the certificates are in Data Analytics, User Experience Design and Project Management. No college degree or prior experience are needed. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Google will treat these certificates as the equivalent of a 4-year degree.

According to Forbes, “The online certificates are developed solely by Google and take approximately three to six months to complete. There are no prior educational or previous work experience requirements. The courses are hosted through Coursera, which is an online platform. While Coursera charges a monthly fee, Google will provide 100,000 need-based scholarships to cover the costs. You sign up through Coursera to complete a online certificate.”

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