An Amazing Garden Party is Coming

Nicosia citizens usually prefer to spend their weekends at the seaside during summer, and especially in August.

The capital city is almost empty in August, as most companies, shops and restaurants are closed.

This makes it hard for people who choose to spend their weekends in Nicosia, to find a place to go and have a good time.

If you belong to the group of people who are staying in Nicosia on the second weekend of August we have some great news on how you can spend the evening of the 8th.

As Polarity Technologies has found out from Check In Cyprus, an awesome summer party will be held on August 8, at a beautiful yard under the stars.

Dj 2NS promises to make our night unforgettable with uplifting R&B and Dance music.

Although, soft drinks and beer will be available for everyone, people who are attending are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic drinks.

The entrance is Free and if you arrive early you can have some shots and pizza too!

“Under the Stars Patio Party Vol 2” will take place in a beautiful garden at 82 Kantaras street, in Nicosia. As Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned, the party starts at 8pm. For more info, click here.

In Polarity Technologies we know how to party, therefore we won’t miss this amazing event.

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